Supportive Monthly Calls

Supportive Monthly Calls

 Here’s what some folks are saying about Coach Scala’s Supportive Monthly Calls:
Elizabeth, You are really shining through… so intelligent with such great tips to share.  I love calling in!” -Joe, Carmel NY

Thank you for the call.  You are a true professional.  I believe that you are doing a great job..” -Alice, NY

What I liked most about the call was it gave me the opportunity to take some time for myself to look closely at various aspects of my life that I don’t always have time to think about. For me, it was helpful for deep self-reflection!” -Eileen, Brooklyn NY

…I host these calls, the second Thursday at 8pm EST.  You have to sign up though, because I send handouts and worksheets to assist your learning!  Next call information is below:

Are you a busy care-taker, always giving of yourself to other people?
Never seem to have time for yourself?
Are you feeling stress, exhausted, and overwhelmed?
Not sure how to balance it all?
Come home from work or school so exhausted to even do anything fun?

Then sign up for my Supportive Monthly Calls. I host these each month, on the second Thursday 8pm EST, to provide caring space for the busy care-giver. Each month the topic is some sort of well-being, self-care, or wellness related theme so that each month you can slow down and care for yourself just a little bit more.Thursday Feb 9th
Create Nutrition for Self
Sign Up Here:

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