Need Stress Relief? Here are 3 Tips that Can Help

I noticed today that there are many, many people following this blog. More than I ever imagined; since this is my ‘old’ blog that I had created before my website was live. I thank you for that.

I’d like to invite you over to my new site. And to do so, share this post on stress relief tips. There are three of them.

If you’re sick and tired of hearing the same old thing… if you’re overinformationized (is that even a word, LOL)… if you ‘know’ what to do but have trouble doing it…

Here are 3 innovative tips to stress relief. Check them out in my new website’s blog post here.


Join us for a Virtual Retreat!

I’m happy to announce that this October I am hosting my fourth virtual retreat. In the past this conference was only open to nurses, but this year we’ve opened up the doors! I realized that I was shutting many special and unique caregivers out: healthcare professionals from all specialties are welcome; holistic professionals are encouraged to attend; and caregivers worldwide are welcome to join us!

The RejuveNation Collaboration is a week long virtual retreat with you, the caretaker, in mind. Come refresh yourself; restore your energy; renew your dedication to your work.

The RejuveNation Collaboration IV is not your typical health and wellness event. In our previous conferences (RCI, RCII, & RCIII) we’ve had the usual suspects of well-being presented on: nutrition, exercise, meditation, and the like. What makes the RCIV different than the rest is this fall’s fresh, new focus:

Get Out of Your Own Way!

The overall goal of the RCIV is to have you feeling clear and focused. We want you to walk away, unstuck and ready for change. We’re going to help you transform your negative thinking, grow personally and professionally, and receive clarity on what you want out of life by teaching you to get out of your own way!

Let me know if you have any questions about the event! Leave a question or comment below. Once your questions get answered, you can grab your General Admission Ticket by clicking here.

In Gratitude! And Come Find Me!!

Hello everyone,

I recently have been receiving a lot of emails notifying me of new followers to my blog. While I am SO, so grateful I am also surprised. I do not utilize this blog and have a new space in which I post on at least 2-3 times a week.

If you subscribed to my blog and like my posts and want to keep up with them, please check me out over at the new space for the Living Sublime Wellness blog which is:

So come on over and visit me! Enjoy reading the blog posts there. And share a comment or response on posts you’d like to comment on.

Have a healthy day,


Family Ties

…Hello to all of my lovely blog readers, Facebook fans, and dedicated followers.  I hope your weekend was as fun, productive, and beautiful as mine was.  Today I thought I would post about a topic that involved my weekend: support…

…Yesterday was an extremely busy day for me.  Sunday -as I have shared before- is my grocery shopping, prepare the lunches, and get the food ready for the week day.  That being said, Drew told me late last week we were going to his sister’s house for a barbecue.  I started to panic… how would I get it all done!?  But then I remembered my own advice and released my need to control things and went with the flow.  I am happy to report we got it all in… Continue Reading…

Conference Lessons (Part III: Mindful Eating)

…So the posts this week have all been lessons learned (or re-learned another way) from the wonderful Integrative Medicine Health and Wellness Conference I attended on Saturday, April 14th (just in case you missed the first post…).  I really enjoyed myself thoroughly.  I love at times just being a participant and taking it all in… for me!  I loved not having to work, be “on”, or worry about promoting myself or my business in any way, shape, or form.  It was a relaxing day…

…Another way to relax is by being mindful.  I actually attended, not one -but two!, workshops Saturday on mindfulness.  I think it was a sign to me that this really is something I want to study more on so that I can use it whole-heartedly with my clients.  The mindful eating workshop was something I have read about, but I guess something I have never actually done in action…  Continue Reading