Healthy Balance in 2012

Group Program to Achieve Health Goals


Are you someone who is interested in reaching health goals in the New Year?

But are not sure where to get started or how to fit it in with your busy schedule?

If so, read on.


How would YOU like to Benefit from this Supportive Community Environment and Learn Seven Simple Tools for Creating a Healthier Life? 

Would you like to discover the straight-forward and proven strategies which will “Tip the Scales in Your Favor” teaching YOU How to Create Healthy Balance in your life?



I will share with you how I got the results you are looking for with my practical weekly lessons…

Healthy Balance in 2012

         Group Program to Achieve Health Goals

You can register for this wonderful 7 Week Group Course at a very affordable price!  Hurry to sign-up now as I am offering this course for a limited time.  I want you to get a jump on your health goals in 2012.  Purchase now!

Hello Busy Colleague,

Do you:

  • Feel you are always giving, giving, giving?
  • Want more time for yourself?
  • Wonder if your life is out of balance?
  • Have health related goals and aspirations, but lack time or motivation to start them?
  • Desire more energy, better sleep, and less stress?
  •  Struggle to achieve healthy work-life balance?
  • Come home from work feeling exhausted, irritable, and hungry?
  • Notice you are always on the go?
  • Experience feeling unappreciated or undervalued? 
  • Find it hard to accept help from others?
  • Want to find meaningful support from someone who can listen and guide you?

If you are Shouting “YES!  YES!  YES!” to Any (or All) of these Questions; Then I am Here to Help! 

You might be wondering “How can she help me?  Doesn’t she know I am extremely busy?  Isn’t she aware of all the things I have to do?”

And my answer is this: I can help you because I have been there.  I have been stressed out, burnt out, and unhealthy.  I was in your shoes and it wasn’t too long ago!

In December of 2009, after working on my inpatient psychiatric unit for five years, I had had enough.  You see, I was coming home from work every day miserable; crying, yelling, irritable, and angry.  I turned to Happy Hour and television to numb my pain.  I threw myself into my graduate school work and my unit committee projects to try and escape from how I was really feeling.  I was not taking time for myself and did little in the way of self-care. 

I was constantly giving, giving, giving; to my patients, my colleagues, my manager, my family, and my friends.  I had little left to give to the most important person: ME!  My life was out of balance and I felt my career was the only thing important in my life.  I forgot about my own self-care and about the fact that many other things go into making me a healthy, balanced individual!!

I didn’t sleep.  I was up all night; my mind racing on various committee projects, conversations with management and staff, and patient issues.  I was worried about school work and grades.  I developed stress headaches and digestive issues.  My concentration was poor and energy low.  I ate terribly and did absolutely nothing for exercise.  I had no coping skills and was running on empty. 

And then it happened.  I took an extremely risky, yet courageous step in my life.  I left my safety and security of my full-time job to work part-time in a health and wellness center.  And I do not regret my decision at all!

Since working at the health club I have found myself again.  I have found my health and joy.  I loved the work, but I loved the learning experiences and mentorships it has provided.  I worked happily alongside my patients coordinating their exercise programs and nutrition plans, but it was more than that.  I worked on myself.

I enrolled in and completed a health coach training program.  I learned from experts at the club.  I sought out my own coach mentors and guides along the way who have demonstrated healthy living and skills that I use and pass along today.  And today I am Healthier and Happier from each decision I have made.

  • I sleep soundly through the night.
  • I wake up feeling well rested and have stable energy levels throughout my day.
  • I eat properly and give my body the nutrients it needs to be active and productive. 
  • My concentration is keen and sharp.
  • My relationships are loving and beautiful.
  • I accept help from mentors, coaches, and guides. 
  • I feel young, joyful, grateful, and energetic each and every day.
  • I balance my work and my “me” time.
  • I have no physical pain and tell people this is the best I have felt since I played sports and took dance classes back in high school.
  • I manage and cope well with stressors. 
  • I do not get angry and let things I am unable to control go.
  • My moods are stable and I do not experience sadness or irritability for no reason at all.
  • My work is meaningful to me and I have a purpose in my life.

And How was I Able to Achieve All of These Things and feel this great doing it?  By using the simple lessons I am offering you here.  What have these topics brought into my life?

  • A healthy physical body; I no longer have stress headaches or digestive issues.
  • Mental and emotional healing; through self-work, healing, meditation, and stress reduction goals I feel more peaceful and calm.
  • More energy throughout my day; by getting back into exercise I have felt much more vitality and vibrancy in my day to day life.
  • More knowledge and education about healthy and nutritious foods.
  • Peace of mind through work-life balance.
  • Healthier relationships with myself and others through gained confidence and self-esteem.

So now you might be saying to yourself,

This sounds wonderful!  How can I achieve this?”


Well it’s easy! 

In order to stop giving so much to others and start offering more of yourself to you…

In order to create clarity around where your may be off balance…

And, in order to learn effective and easy strategies to putting yourself first in your life…

You can Register for Healthy Balance in 2012 here. 

By being a participant of this Group Program you will notice the following benefits:

  • A greater space for work-life balance
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased stress
  • More meaningful and purposeful work
  • Healthier in physical body, emotional mind, and spirituality
  • And improved, wonderful relationships with family, friends, and co-workers

During this Group Program you will receive the following:

  • 7 Weeks of 60 Minute Training Calls
  • 7 Weeks of Q&A time with Coach Scala
  • 7 Weeks of Pre-Call Homework
  • 7 Weeks of Post-Call Follow-Up Handouts
  • 7 Weeks of Recorded Calls (in case life happens!)
  • A supportive VIRTUAL community environment with your group members
  • Access to reading lists and resources Coach Scala recommends
  • Email access with Coach Scala for once a week personal “laser” Coaching sessions

Now, what type of investment do you feel this healthy lifestyle change is worth to you? 

Consider this:

What else you could be spending your money on that would make such a major health shift?

Isn’t your health the most important asset?  

Shouldn’t your own well-being be your first priority

Sign-up now!  Your Health and Well-Being is Priceless.  It is Invaluable.  It is an Investment that really cannot be given a True Ticket Value.  Make the Decision to Put Your Health First Today!

 Just think!  You will have:

  • More energy, better sleep, and less stress
  • You can be eating healthier and taking better care of yourself
  • Your relationships can blossom and your moods could stabilize
  • You’ll free up more time for yourself
  • And you will be able to receive some self-care into your life

Since I want you to start off your year right I am offering this program at a wonderful discounted price!  I really want you to learn from these lessons and create healthy balance in your life today.   7 Week Program begins Tuesday, January 17th 2012.

Total Investment:  $700$500

That’s Over 25% Savings!

Sign Up before January 1 and Receive an Additional $100 in Savings.  Email me at to secure your spot before the 1st of the year (and to receive this wonderful discounted price!)

Click here to register today!


6 responses to “Healthy Balance in 2012

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  4. Cheryl-Ann Young

    I love this! but I hate getting on the computer!
    Good Luck and thanks for all you do.
    Happy 2012!

  5. Hi Cheryl-Ann,
    Thanks for stopping by and checking this out! Just so that you know; the program is over the phone. There is not much computer work at all, other than checking email. It is a weekly phone conference call. Hope this helps!

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