7 Steps to A Healthier You

Are you a busy person; always giving of yourself leaving little time for you?

If so, read on.


How would YOU like to Benefit from my Easy to Use Step By Step Plan for Creating a Healthier You? 

Would you like to discover the simple and proven tools which will “tip the scales in your favor” teaching you how to create healthy balance in your life?


I will share with you how I got the results you are looking for in my straight-forward method…


7 Steps to A Healthier You         

An Easy and Straight-Forward System to Self-Care & Balance

You can own this wonderful System for a very affordable price!  Hurry and order now as I am offering this workbook at this value for a limited time.  I want you to get a jump on your health goals in 2012.  Purchase now!

Hello Nurse Colleague,

Do you:

  • Feel you are always giving, giving, giving?
  • Want more time for yourself?
  • Have health related goals and aspirations, but lack time or motivation to start them?
  • Desire more energy, better sleep, and less stress?
  •  Struggle to achieve healthy work-life balance?
  • Come home from work feeling exhausted, irritable, and hungry?
  • Notice you are always on the go?
  • Experience feeling unappreciated or undervalued? 
  • Find it hard to accept help from others?
  • Want to find meaningful support from someone who can listen and guide you?

If you are Shouting “YES!  YES!  YES!” to Any (or All) of these Questions; Then I am Here to Help! 

You might be wondering “How can she help me?  Doesn’t she know I am extremely busy?  Isn’t she aware of all the things I have to do?”

And my answer is this: I can help you because I have been there.  I have been stressed out, burnt out, and unhealthy.  I was in your shoes (or your scrubs!) and it wasn’t too long ago!

In December of 2009, after working on my inpatient psychiatric unit for five years, I had had enough.  You see, I was coming home from work every day miserable; crying, yelling, irritable, and angry.  I turned to Happy Hour and television to numb my pain.  I threw myself into my graduate school work and my unit committee projects to try and escape from how I was really feeling.  I was not taking time for myself and did little in the way of self-care. 

I was constantly giving, giving, giving; to my patients, my colleagues, my manager, my family, and my friends.  I had little left to give to the most important person: ME!

I didn’t sleep.  I was up all night; my mind racing on various committee projects, conversations with management and staff, and patient issues.  I was worried about school work and grades.  I developed stress headaches and digestive issues.  My concentration was poor and energy low.  I ate terribly and did absolutely nothing for exercise.  I had no coping skills and was running on empty. 

And then it happened.  I took an extremely risky, yet courageous step in my life.  I left my safety and security of my full-time job to work part-time in a health and wellness center.  And I do not regret my decision at all!

Since working at the health club I have found myself again.  I have found my health and joy.  I loved the work, but I loved the learning experiences and mentorships it has provided.  I worked happily alongside my patients coordinating their exercise programs and nutrition plans, but it was more than that.  I worked on myself.

I enrolled in and completed a health coach training program.  I learned from experts at the club.  I sought out my own coach mentors and guides along the way who have demonstrated healthy living and skills that I use and pass along today.  And today I am Healthier and Happier from each decision I have made.

  • I sleep soundly through the night.
  • I wake up feeling well rested and have stable energy levels throughout my day.
  • I eat properly and give my body the nutrients it needs to be active and productive. 
  • My concentration is keen and sharp.
  • My relationships are loving and beautiful.
  • I accept help from mentors, coaches, and guides. 
  • I feel young, joyful, grateful, and energetic each and every day.
  • I balance my work and my “me” time.
  • I have no physical pain and tell people this is the best I have felt since I played sports and took dance classes back in high school.
  • I manage and cope well with stressors. 
  • I do not get angry and let things I am unable to control go.
  • My moods are stable and I do not experience sadness or irritability for no reason at all.
  • My work is meaningful to me and I have a purpose in my life.

And How was I Able to Achieve All of These Things and feel this great doing it?  By using the simple steps I am offering you here.  What has this tool brought into my life?

  • A healthy physical body; I no longer have stress headaches or digestive issues.
  • Mental and emotional healing; through self-work, healing, meditation, and stress reduction goals I feel more peaceful and calm.
  • More energy throughout my day; by getting back into exercise I have felt much more vitality and vibrancy in my day to day life.
  • More knowledge and education about healthy and nutritious foods.
  • Peace of mind through work-life balance.
  • Healthier relationships with myself and others through gained confidence and self-esteem.

So now you might be saying to yourself,

This sounds wonderful!  How can I achieve this?”

Well it’s easy! 

In order to stop giving so much to others and start giving more of yourself to you…

You can Invest in the 7 Steps to a Healthier You here. 

Remember with this Easy and Straight-Forward Workbook you will get:

  • A greater space for work-life balance
  • Increased energy and decreased stress
  • More meaningful and purposeful work
  • Healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • And improved, wonderful relationships with family, friends, and co-workers

Now, what type of investment do you feel this healthy lifestyle change is worth to you? 

Consider what else you could spend $47 on that would make such a major health shift?

Isn’t your health the most important asset?  

Shouldn’t your own well-being be your first priority

Order now!  Your Health and Well-Being really is something that is Priceless.  It is Invaluable.  It is an Investment that really cannot be given a True Ticket Value.  Make the Decision to Put Your Health First Today!

 Just think!  You will have:

  • More energy, better sleep, and less stress
  • You can be eating healthier and taking better care of yourself
  • Your relationships can blossom and your moods could stabilize
  • You’ll free up more time for yourself
  • And you will be able to receive some self-care into your life

Click here for your copy today!


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